Pipe Lining

Don’t dig and replace, install a LINER! In most cases lining is the most cost effective solution for pipe repair. Lining also saves the headaches of digging up roads, buildings, lawns, or landscaping. After your evaluation is completed we will make recommendations as to the best and most economical solution. 

We offer three types of lining methods:

1. Sectional liners in pipelines 6”-30” are used for segmental pipe repairs using CIPP Technologies.

Shenandoah Construction is an authorized installer of CIPP Technologies. Unlike other lining systems, CIPP can be used to repair specific problems. Using this patented technology can eliminate the inconvenience of a conventional excavation or manhole to manhole repair. Pipelines can be repaired quickly and at a fraction of the cost. In addition, manholes can also be coated to eliminate deterioration of the structure.


Installation of Sectional Liner





Installation of Sectional Liner


2. Slip lining pipelines with HDPE or a comparable product in 10” to greater than 96” pipelines.

Typical eroded corrugated pipe


Slip Lining Process by insertion of a new pipe into an existing pipe










3. CIPP or PVC liners from MH to MH with various products from 6" to

greater than 84" pipelines.



This is a view of the CIPP inversion process.




This is an external view of the CIPP lining process.




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