Pipe Smoke and Air Testing

Smoke and air testing are tools used to test the integrity of pipe segments in new and old pipes alike. By isolating a pipe segment, or the entire pipe run, air pressure or smoke can be introduced to test for failed joint gaskets or possible breaches in a pipe segment. Defects can be pin pointed with the use of cameras and specialized equipment.  In most cases defects can be repaired remotely without the need for dig ups.

Introduction of smoke through a manhole opening


Smoke testing is a simple method used to generally identify breaches in pipes. By introducing pressurized smoke into the sewer system cracks or open joints are then identified by smoke penetrating the surface through the ground. 


Pictured are different types of test and seal packers used to isolate pipe connections and air test for leaks. These specialized packers can also seal failed joints by injecting a chemical grout permanently sealing the defect.

Air testing is used to test specific locations in a pipe or the entire pipe segment. These methods are much more precise in locating all possible points of infiltration and ex-filtration.



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