Structure & Pipe Sealing

We can fix leaky structures and pipelines many different ways. Our goal is to analyze each situation as its own to provide the best and most economical repair. The basic repairs start with cement, mortar work and/or grout. We use specialized packers to remotely seal smaller diameter pipes. A TV camera is used to line up the specialty packer then inject grout into the leak/crack. For more severe repairs please refer to our Pipe Lining service.


 Large Diameter Pipe Joint Showing Sand Infiltration




Large Diameter Pipe Joint Showing Water Infiltration





Large Diameter Pipe Joint




Pipe Joint & Structure That Have Been Correctly Sealed


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Whether you need a simple system cleaning or a more complex structural repair, we use the latest trenchless technology to quickly restore your system's maximum capacity. We also maintain systems through periodic site inspections and cleanings.

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